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Low Fee & Low Interest Payday Loans

Looking for a low fee payday loan? Hot Payday is your credit service organization (CSO) that connects you with the best lender. There are absolutely no hidden fees associated with our no credit check loans for you to worry about. Hot Payday makes the process of getting a low interest payday loan very simple.
Cash Loan Fee Schedule
Amount Finance Finance Charge Total Payment
$ 50.00 $ 7.50 $ 57.50
$100.00 $15.00 $115.00
$150.00 $22.50 $172.50
$200.00 $30.00 $230.00
$250.00 $37.50 $287.50
$300.00 $45.00 $345.00
$350.00 $52.50 $402.50
$400.00 $60.00 $460.00
$450.00 $67.50 $517.50
$500.00 $75.00 $575.00

Payment Options

All cash loans are due on your next payday. On your pay date, you are entitled to these following payment options:

The lender will automatically withdraw the amount due from your bank account. We will notify you via e-mail 2-3 days prior till your due date.
You may make partial payments to your loan and have the remaining balance rollover/extend till your next payday. (subject to a fee of $15 per $100 borrowed on your remaining balance)

Prepayment of Your Cash Loan

Prepayment: If you pay off your cash loan early, there will be no fees or prepayment penalties.
Do you have?
Direct deposit
Net income over
Checking account
Direct work number
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