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Payday Loans and Cash Advance: A Guide

       When people are in a pinch, payday loans are a nice option to have available for assistance. These funds can assist with things such as emergency car repairs or sudden veterinary bills. They are simple to qualify for when a person has a regular employment
history. Bad or no credit is of no consequence, although the money is due back in short term.

        Many states have laws in place to protect both the loan establishment and the consumer. In traditional lending, the consumer applies for a set amount of cash. The lending establishment then checks the customer's credit history, employment history and situation, and checks a couple of personal references. They will ask specifically what the funds will be used for. The consumer may be asked to provide collateral such as their business, home, car, or against an item that may be purchased with the funds. The borrower may even be asked to have a co-signer that will be held equally responsible for the debt if it is not paid back promptly. Interest rates are usually fixed, and can be very low to moderately high, often depending on the amount of time in which the loan will be repaid or the borrower's credit history.

        One of the biggest advantages of seeking out a cash advance is that these lenders don't care about credit history. They won't even bother to check it. When applying for a payday loan, the borrower will be asked to provide information that will include current employment information and sometimes personal references. Based on the information provided, an amount will be granted. The borrower will sign an agreement stating when the loan is to be paid.

        Most loans are granted within 24 hours. Most loans are due to be paid at the next payday, which is why it is sometimes called a payday advance. At that time, depending upon the establishment, the consumer will need to provide either a post-dated check from their personal checking account for the stated amount, a payment transfer or an agreement that the company can garnish the wages if it is not paid. If the loan remains unpaid, the company will seek repayment. Most cash advances have a slightly higher interest rate than those from a standard commercial lender. This is because there is no credit check run, the money is available almost immediately and it is paid back over a very short period of time. A commercial loan is often stretched over 12, 24 or 36 months, as opposed to two weeks.

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