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Payday loan definition

Payday loans are short term loans secured only with your promise to repay the loan with the financing company on your next payday. Because there is such a high risk associated with these types of loans, the APR rate tends to be higher than any other types of loans. Financial companies are dealing in "good faith" with their customers when handling payday loans.

Need a little cash until your next payday? At Hot Payday, you can be assure you will receive the cash you want when you need it the most. Get approve for a cash advance regardless of your unfortunately credit history. Through our integrated systems, funds are electronically transferred into your account the very next business day without you having to go anywhere but spend your cash anyway you want it to.

Payday loan procedures

Applying for a payday loan is simple, fast, and confidential. Simply visit Hot Payday's website and fill out our simple questionnaires. Then just fill out your express application and fax in some document to complete your loan process. You can be confident that everything you put on your application is 100% secured. Afterwards, you can sit back, relax, and let Hot Payday take care the rest.

Your payday loan application status is well taken care of by our service agent team. We will treat each client’s application with the utmost urgency for we know time is of the essence. Once our services agents have carefully reviewed your application, we will either e-mail or call you to confirm the status of your payday loan application. If approved, funds will be transferred discretely into your bank account without you having to go anywhere and waste any precious time.

Payday loan repayment

All repayments of payday loans are done by electronic funds transfer (ACH/EFT). In other words, on the your next payday, funds will be electronically withdrawn for the amount borrowed plus any fees incurred. Once your payday loan is paid in full, then you can obtain another payday loan instantly without having to fax anything over again or fill out another application. To request another loan, you can simply follow these instructions:

- Log on to the member's page to request a new loan

- Simply give us a call at (800) 774-2215 to request another advance

- You can also email us at CustomerSupport@hotpayday.com for a new loan
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